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EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Iranian Currency Falls 17% in One Day

Monday, October 1, 2012

Iranian Currency Falls 17% in One Day

Sanctions against Iran are making their impact, on the innocent working-class people of Iran–and the destruction of the currency may be getting a boost from the CIA.

International trade is dying and the currency is in free fall. It fell 17% this morning. The rial has lost more than 80 percent of its value since the start of the year.

I am also hearing that the CIA may be pumping newly (CIA printed) rial into the country in an effort to destabilize the country through hyper-inflation. The Fed may think money printing boosts an economy, but the CIA knows what it really does.

AFP reports:

Ordinary Iranians are increasingly struggling with the resulting inflation, which was officially put at 23 percent even before the latest plunge of the rial.

“Prices are rising every day and it just doesn’t stop,” said Khosro, a retiree who gave only his first name. He was forced to work as a taxi driver to boost his diminishing pension, he said.

Even locally made products were becoming more costly in Iran’s supermarkets.

“The price of my toothpaste, a foreign brand, has tripled in just a few months. Now, I’m buying an Iranian one, but it has also nearly doubled in price,” said Maryam, a young shopper.

via EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Iranian Currency Falls 17% in One Day.


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An American Hero.

StG 44:

Kucinich and Paul: two of the only true Americans in Washington. And two of the only men in that house with an ounce of courage. That’s why they gerrymandered Kucinich out of his district. I hope they know how much their speaking out, even if that’s all they can do, means to the minority of Americans who aren’t jingoistic boob-tube trained imbeciles and millions more people around the world looking for any sliver of sanity from the American people.


As somebody who worked on the Ron Paul campaign (albeit at a low level, but with contact with 2 state directors) I can tell you there is no chance Ron Paul will be president. His campaign has already admitted he doesn’t have enough delegates even if everybody is allowed to vote their conscience. Santorum was a stalking-horse candidate and when it was time he jumped on the grenade — after taking enough votes and delegates to ensure Paul wouldn’t threaten Romney. In Virginia where I worked and where it was Paul vs. Romney alone, Paul got 40% (although I won my precinct and city for Paul). 

The result (at least in VA) was not rigged. The mass ignorance and daily spew of lies coming from their TVs is too much to overcome for the average American voter, who cannot even name the 3 branches of government, but is deciding the fate of you, me, and millions of people subject to US government violence.




Thank you StG 44.  Your voice is probably the only first-hand American voice I have heard in 15 years that doesn’t sicken me.  You are what your country – and therefore all of our countries as well – needs, an intelligent American voter.  Your work with the Ron Paul campaign is great, but do not give up hope, for Ron is essentially just a figure-head, you and people like you are the true heroes. If you could get 51% of the populous to actually really want him (or rather his ideals) in office, then the job is done, the rest is just red tape.  Speaking from South Africa I can tell you first hand that it is not easy, the powers will resist, but when the people mobilize, we can move mountains.

So I thank you, and urge you to speak more, your words are wise.  Go tell an ignorant person – I honestly believe that everyone who reads these articles already knows, and that the well-worded sceptics are just propaganda trolls.  Part of what generates so much anger around the world is the extent to which the Dollar affects all of our lives, but we don’t get a vote.  There are whole generations of people growing up around the world that have serious doubts about American intelligence and empathy.  These are the same people who may potentially have to act when you are sitting in your FEMA death camp.  It is imperative that an American education occur, because we have stopped taking it – Iran is going to build power stations and the whole world supports them.  They will turn the aggression on you.     

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