Fighting Dirty

Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for. When you hear of atrocities in war, don’t be fooled with imagery of good guys and bad guys. If something is worth killing over, it is already worth doing so ‘dirty’. Protecting your family is worth fighting for, defending against invading forces too, so there are no rules – a person will do whatever it takes.  Spreading democracy, protecting the world from terror, building control over oil reserves, these are all things that are not worth fighting for – hence they should be negotiated for instead, and if you are fighting people to accept them, you must at least abide by certain rules of engagement.

Predator Drone Firing Missile

The US military, using unmanned aerial drones, participates in what are known as “double-taps”. I know of the term from the film Zombieland, where the hero claims that he shoots zombies twice to make sure that they are definitely eliminated. The term is also used to describe the terroristic practice of planting two explosives, one to cause some initial injury, the second targeting the police and other first responders. The US military engages in double-tap practices themselves, targeting recently attacked strike zones as well as the funerals of deceased men believed to be militants. This is a despicable practice, with civilian casualties always far outnumbering any terrorist ones; apparently even the Mafia has a strict policy of not attacking funerals.  In attacking the Middle-East and North Africa, the US doesn’t even seem to distinguish anymore between, who they believe they can call (from a control room across the oceans) “militants” or “terrorists”, and ordinary foreign civilians.  In fact, the latest development is that the US military intends to classify any and all “military aged” (18+) males, in any one of the countries that they are busy in (even the undisclosed ones like Yemen and Pakistan), as potential militants, unless proven otherwise.  Soon we may have to see this classification extended to include woman and children… in this unmanned aerial war: on what?


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