US Presidential Elections 2012.

US presidential candidates 2012; Obama and Romney. Picture from

Well here is how the 2012 US presidential elections look from my perch in SA:

Obama says the right things.  Not as much as a few years ago when he ran against McCain, but his words still sound like they are on the right track.  His performance now is of a powerless president who needs the public’s help to fight the senate. It’s funny how with all his new powers, this president cannot facilitate the ‘CHANGE’ that his supporters wanted/want, but he has no problem signing into being legislation like the NDAA overnight.  Funnily enough he sort of apologizes for that and declares his ‘concerns’ over the indefinite detention and torture aspects of it, making sure that he says the right things again, while doing the opposite.

Romney and his crew say the wrong things all the time; like “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” He even got himself videotaped disenfranchising half the country, and seems to love the term “faggy” – the man’s chances are slim.

So the one: is at best an impotent slacker, at worst an outright liar – I’m going with liar.  The other: a daft elitist bigot.  So Obama has virtually won this thing, for lack of competition really.

I just want to tell the American people: this election is already f*cked, and you can’t fix it because of the flawed structure of your voting system.  Unfortunately you need to take real action and remove people from power by hand, the system is corrupted.  Many people will suffer if you have to wait for Jesse Ventura in 2016, and even if you do, it will take a ton of electoral reforms, and there will be no guarantees that you won’t be waiting another four years.  How quickly can a nation teach its people how not to fall for election manipulation, without government or corporate assistance?

Romney is a bad idea, but at least he is open about it.  Obama will tell you that he’ll look after your mother for you, and then throw her under a buss.  Romney is better, he’d be easier to rally against, but vote neither, and find your own leader.


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