September 18 2012

The world has been ablaze for the past few weeks, but I have been quiet.  Anti US sentiment has erupted in Africa and the Middle-East, with US embassies all over seeing protests, some even attacked.  The reason given for the unrest is a particularly insulting spoof video circulating around the web – The Innocence of Muslims.  My own opinion is that the video was just the final straw – it is as though the Arab world can handle: petty sanctions, drone warfare, countless civilian casualties, uninvited NATO occupation, threatening mock military displays, even the slow erosion of the state of Palestine, but to then go and make fun of this entire population’s beliefs, at the same time, is just too much.  This may be understandable, these people where raised differently from me:  I personally wouldn’t care for a second if my own belief in atheism was ridiculed.  If the response to this short film seems out of proportion to you, then you should try and remember all these atrocities; atrocities that this population faces everyday at the hands of Western powers.  For this sick charade to continue it needs the illusion of being an option which faces domestic opposition – our governments can destroy a nation, but then we have to provide humanitarian aid and moral support to the victims.  In this way, the faceless enemy remains faceless; those affected can just direct their anger and hatred towards GW Bush, or NATO, or the American army/government.  When a video like this emerges, however, it destroys the image of goodwill from Western countries and serves to extend the anger, from being just for the US government, to include: the American people, their allies, Christianity and Judaism, and even the capitalist structure of our modern world society.

On another note, a man in a US prison is scheduled to be executed soon.  It turns out that the jury was not initially aware that the men that he murdered were in fact rapists who had molested him.  I just thought that while we are on the topic of retaliation, and whether or not it is appropriate (or at what levels it is), I should put it out there: I consider myself emotionally stable; I believe in forgiveness and actively refuse to dwell on issues from the past; but if some dude ever raped me, or even tried to, I think I might have to kill him too.  Similarly, I also wouldn’t sit down and accept things like drones killing my family.


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