I tweet therefore I terrorize

I found an article on RT.com the other day (this one) which reported that terrorists are using Twitter to communicate their propaganda.

Firstly: propaganda should not be a problem anymore, it’s too old school.  If you have access to Twitter, then you have access to the World Wide Web, which gives you the ability, and therefore the duty, to do a little fact checking.

Secondly: anyone and everyone is a terrorist these days; buying large quantities if food with cash makes you a terrorist…  I am sure some of my blog posts about how Iran is actually quiet peaceful in regard to their foreign policies would be considered terroristic.  You could call it ‘aiding the enemy (to not be incorrectly labelled, massacred, plundered, and then forgotten about).’

Any real domestic terrorists will surely be using the service, just as we do, to stay updated, because it is the fastest disseminator of information.  To worry that supposed terrorists use Twitter is equal to concerns over them having cellular phones, or driving cars, or spending cash on groceries.

*By the way you can follow me on Twitter: @0bl0m0v


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