Iceland, a country with balls.

It appears that South African prosecuting authorities are going to charge the survivors of the Lonmin Massacre for the deaths of their co-workers; apparently they think that these surviving protestors provoked the police to shoot the victims in the back.    A prominent New York Catholic priest, Reverend Benedict Groeschel, was also in the news for suggesting that sometimes molested children are not quite so innocent, and that at times priests are seduced by teenage boys; he went on to suggest that first time offenders (child molesters) should not serve any jail time as they may not have been fully responsible for their actions.  The law is crooked everywhere you look.  The people that have the power, keep the power, and they do whatever the hell they want with it.

Perhaps it’s time we all move to Iceland, they are the only ones who have done it right.  They locked up the crooked bankers, and got the country back on track.  Well done Iceland; honestly, well done!  Iceland, a country with balls.

Iceland locked up bankers


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