Finally a good laugh..

Finally a good laugh in the news again today.  It would seem that US led sanctions on Iran extend to Azeroth.  This is funny and slightly ironic to me, as I believe WoW’s only accomplishment is distracting a generation from important social issues.  Perhaps with their WoW accounts locked some of these Iranians will spend their time doing something more constructive, like produce a popular piece of art that will attract attention to their nation and highlight average Iranian life.  This would be a fantastic development as it would give us all something to use in order to compare the state of Iran pre- and post shelling.  It must be said that sanctions are actually tremendously damaging themsleves, hurting the sick, poor, and hungry civilians more than government or industry.  Extending sanctions to gaming trivializes the process – a process that is inherently evil.  Iran will be alright though because in an interconnected digital world – with Bitcoins to spend – we are no longer bound by the will of our national governments, and individuals can actually make a real difference.  On a related note – there are some really fantastic looking and affordable holiday plans in Iran, which could be another great way of encountering their culture before the place is blown up.


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August 29, 2012 · 11:47 am

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