No War in Iran 2012 please.

The corner of the web that I choose to inhabit has recently been swamped with news of insane levels of US arms sales. Sadly, much of the record $66.3 billion spent on US arms last year will go towards arming dictators and corrupt regimes.  Unfortunately global consciousness has not yet determined: that guns do not make us safer; that by having more of them you are only generating more potential danger; and to anyone else who may be intimidated by them, you are forcing yourself to become a threat and perhaps a target.  Any legitimate democratically elected government that purchases these weapons is only going to be ridiculed and saddened.  They will face scandals over corruption, and shame for the unnecessary spending (unless they are with the US or defending against the US, nations do not war with each other anymore – hence the lack of love for “defence spending”).  Ultimately these questionable regimes that buy the weapons are only going to be stockpiling ‘evidence’ against themselves of their own bloodthirsty nature for the day that America turns around and labels them rogue, before bombing their citizens.  Iran has refused to become one of these examples, although their nuclear scientists have been involved in a unexplainable (if you forget the US/British/Israeli agenda) amount of explosions.


Damaged cars that three Iranian scientists were riding in when they were killed in bombings over the last three years are displayed outside the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement, NAM, in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (Photo: Vahid Salemi/ Associated Press)

In what I see as a perfect chess like defence strategy, Iran, the evil accused of conspiring to produce their own WMD, rather than buy them from the US, has called for a complete ban on nuclear arms.  This is something that I like to see, especially as they bring the motion in front of more than 120 nations who attended the Non-Aligned Nations Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran this weekend (August 26 2012).  In another case of perfect timing (Julian Assange also recently exhibited perfect timing in evading US imprisonment) Iran has now positioned itself to successfully complete the building of nuclear power stations, as well as champion the total ban on nuclear arms by 2025.  The timing is so perfect because at the moment, with US elections looming, the States are not going to risk entering another war, and Israel, the biggest pusher for military action against the Iranian nuclear power project, also cannot and will not make a move without the US taking the lead.  This leaves the rest of us a few solid months to reinforce the idea that continuous imperialistic warfare cannot be tolerated anymore.  The world is watching this time, with social media and commentators by the thousand.  If Romney or Obama want to stage a false flag then they better have Spielberg onboard, and even then they better hope it’s one of his good days, because we are harder to trick these days.  Either way, we will all be watching as weapons do what they do best, kill innocent hardworking civilians.


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