5 reasons why 9/11 was an inside job, and why that matters.

Building 7 freefall

In a couple of weeks it will have been 11 years since the tragedy, and I believe by now, most thinking people have come to understand that attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 were staged.  If you have not come to that conclusion yet, here are 5 reasons why they had to have been:

1) Steel framed structures like those at the WTC cannot be knocked over by fire.  9/11 didn’t spur a new movement in the world of architecture to build buildings that can withstand airplane collisions, and that is because they already can withstand airplane collisions.

2) The money trail always points to the man who has the most to hide.  The first person who should get interrogated over this matter in my mind is the guy who picked up the insurance cheque: Larry Silverstein, he made $4.55 billion off those buildings.  I must say, insurance companies have gotten pretty poor at spotting insurance fraud.  It is almost like they didn’t even have a builder, or an architect, or a physicist to consult.

3) Physics doesn’t lie, not on earth anyway.  Those things came down too fast.  Only controlled demolition can bring it down at free fall speed, and only controlled demolition will make it land in on itself, leaving no carcass, as it did.

4) There is video evidence of explosions going off, and of rescue workers who had been traumatized by unexpected explosions, and eyewitnesses, and in some of the closer video you can even hear the demolition sequence.


5) Building 7 also came down, without taking any damage, at free fall speeds, into it’s own footprint.

Think about this: As Merlln5by5 on YouTube put it, “What evidence is there that BinLanen and 19 Al Qaeda hi-jackers did it?

Now for why it matters.  Besides for the fact that thousands of people were murdered, and thousands more are still suffering, and the families of these victims obviously deserve a little justice, the fact is that this sort of behaviour has far deeper implications.  Now I was in early high school at the time, but it forever changed my life.  I quickly saw how the official story was full of holes, so I used the internet to fill the gaps, and from then on I knew that excelling in business meant holding cash in higher regard than human life.  The implications of this are immense, as it potentially changes the structure of society.  We are led to believe that we must work hard, prepare, be smart, and then we can compete with others at the capitalist game.  This matrix would be, and has been, acceptable to the majority of us, but then what about the guy that picked up $4.55 billion for demolishing his own buildings full of people, how does that fit in?  I’m not a killer, so how far can I really get in business?  Ironically, you would never see this sort of crime happening at a World Resource Sharing Centre.


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