Awaiting Alien Contact

Yesterday it occurred to me just how potent everyone’s digital cameras had become, and this made me wonder if there aren’t perhaps some newer hi-res UFO pictures floating around the web.  I have never made my mind up about ETs, but I always knew that I wouldn’t be able to with just grainy pictures and videos as proof.  With the most curious rover docking gently on Mars, and old Niel Armstrong in the news for needing heart surgery, I thought now was the prefect time to have another look.

My search immediately landed me at this website where they have supposed UFO photographs, neatly arranged, dated from 1870 to 2012.  After taking a quick look at some of the old stuff I tucked into the new pics.  Some of them are very convincing, but the site’s author is always very careful to point out the ones that are potential fakes.  In the world of UFOs, I have always known, there is a huge disinformation agenda.  Now I’m not saying that there are people with evidence that are lying to the rest of us saying that it doesn’t exist (which may in fact be the case), but rather that the subject has been ridiculed and mockingly faked to such an extent that it has lost all creditability, as well as generated vast amounts of realistic fakes.  The people that study the phenomenon of UFO’s know this and are vigilant about identifying evidence of fakes.

Certain pictures that interested me were:


Apparently taken in China in February 2010.

What the hell is that thing?

Ok, someone clearly has some explaining to do.

After what I felt was a limited success in looking for credible high-resolution photographs of UFOs, I naturally turned my attention to YouTube.  It was there that I found this video, claiming itself to be produced by Wikileaks, which naturally grabbed my attention.  The majority of the video offers a controversial history of UFOs and life on earth, which is followed by a warning to the people of the world.  What I got from the warning is basically that: (1) certain government and defense agencies have continued Nazi research on reverse engineering alien crafts, and (2) helped promote UFO misinformation within our culture (at times using their own real copies of alien spacecraft), which (3) will help allow these same agencies to stage a massive false-flag alien invasion, using machines which they have built, to continue to profit off war in a world that has decided that we should abstain from warring.

Now that was a mouthful, but basically if we are attacked by aliens, I will certainly be looking for the tell-tale, sloppy job evidence of CIA involvement before enlisting to the Space Marines;  evidence like ridiculously tall buildings falling at free fall speed into their own footprint.

Watch the video though, it says so much more than I ever would.


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