US Gun Control

This morning I had a good laugh at this article. The article describes how a Seth Horvitz tried to buy a TV off, but instead received a Sig Sauer SIG716 patrol rifle. Apparently where he is from, Washington DC, you may not own or even transport such a weapon, so he called the police to get rid off it for him. I can just imagine some pill-popping teenager getting this thing instead of his flat screen TV, not being able to watch Game of Thrones HD, so taking it with him to watch the new Batman movie.

All around the world we have the same idea about controlling violence, America should just copy us. Our position is that the sale, ownership, use, and possession of weapons (especially firearms) must be heavily monitored and controlled. Gun ownership should, and does, require a license, and the sale of firearms requires background checks and police clearances. If you make it harder for any potential nutjob to own weapons, you drastically decrease the chances of random shoot-outs. Of course, “the right to bear arms” is the only right the American people seem to be attached to, but control doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be taken away or given up – it just means only giving them to sane individuals.

The truth is if you are a confused/abused/psychotic potential mass-murderer with a kill-plan, but cannot get hold of a firearm (or even cannot get hold of an automatic firearm) because you are confused/abused/psychotic, then chances are that you are not going to try the same stunt with a knife, or even a samurai sword. If you breed a culture of hatred to build support for imperialistic warfare, and then disperse killing apparatus willy-nilly amongst the people, you are inviting trouble. If you incorporate digital kill imagery into the culture, and then digitize weapon scopes and optics, making real-life look digital and digital fiction look real, and then give guns to anyone who wants them, sadly, you get no sympathy, only dark nights.


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