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Iceland, a country with balls.

It appears that South African prosecuting authorities are going to charge the survivors of the Lonmin Massacre for the deaths of their co-workers; apparently they think that these surviving protestors provoked the police to shoot the victims in the back.    A prominent New York Catholic priest, Reverend Benedict Groeschel, was also in the news for suggesting that sometimes molested children are not quite so innocent, and that at times priests are seduced by teenage boys; he went on to suggest that first time offenders (child molesters) should not serve any jail time as they may not have been fully responsible for their actions.  The law is crooked everywhere you look.  The people that have the power, keep the power, and they do whatever the hell they want with it.

Perhaps it’s time we all move to Iceland, they are the only ones who have done it right.  They locked up the crooked bankers, and got the country back on track.  Well done Iceland; honestly, well done!  Iceland, a country with balls.

Iceland locked up bankers


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Iran won’t develop nuclear weapons – Khamenei

The man with the final say in Iran.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – The man with the final say in Iran.

Iran will never develop a nuclear bomb, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told leaders of developing countries during a meeting in Tehran.Our motto is nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for none,” Reuters quoted Khamenei as saying at the Non-Aligned Movement summit on Thursday. “Iran will never pursue nuclear weapons, but it will not give up its national right to peaceful nuclear energy,” he said. Khamenei slammed the UN Security Council as an unjust relic of the past, which the US uses “to impose their bullying manner on the world.”

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Finally a good laugh..

Finally a good laugh in the news again today.  It would seem that US led sanctions on Iran extend to Azeroth.  This is funny and slightly ironic to me, as I believe WoW’s only accomplishment is distracting a generation from important social issues.  Perhaps with their WoW accounts locked some of these Iranians will spend their time doing something more constructive, like produce a popular piece of art that will attract attention to their nation and highlight average Iranian life.  This would be a fantastic development as it would give us all something to use in order to compare the state of Iran pre- and post shelling.  It must be said that sanctions are actually tremendously damaging themsleves, hurting the sick, poor, and hungry civilians more than government or industry.  Extending sanctions to gaming trivializes the process – a process that is inherently evil.  Iran will be alright though because in an interconnected digital world – with Bitcoins to spend – we are no longer bound by the will of our national governments, and individuals can actually make a real difference.  On a related note – there are some really fantastic looking and affordable holiday plans in Iran, which could be another great way of encountering their culture before the place is blown up.

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August 29, 2012 · 11:47 am

No War in Iran 2012 please.

The corner of the web that I choose to inhabit has recently been swamped with news of insane levels of US arms sales. Sadly, much of the record $66.3 billion spent on US arms last year will go towards arming dictators and corrupt regimes.  Unfortunately global consciousness has not yet determined: that guns do not make us safer; that by having more of them you are only generating more potential danger; and to anyone else who may be intimidated by them, you are forcing yourself to become a threat and perhaps a target.  Any legitimate democratically elected government that purchases these weapons is only going to be ridiculed and saddened.  They will face scandals over corruption, and shame for the unnecessary spending (unless they are with the US or defending against the US, nations do not war with each other anymore – hence the lack of love for “defence spending”).  Ultimately these questionable regimes that buy the weapons are only going to be stockpiling ‘evidence’ against themselves of their own bloodthirsty nature for the day that America turns around and labels them rogue, before bombing their citizens.  Iran has refused to become one of these examples, although their nuclear scientists have been involved in a unexplainable (if you forget the US/British/Israeli agenda) amount of explosions.


Damaged cars that three Iranian scientists were riding in when they were killed in bombings over the last three years are displayed outside the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement, NAM, in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (Photo: Vahid Salemi/ Associated Press)

In what I see as a perfect chess like defence strategy, Iran, the evil accused of conspiring to produce their own WMD, rather than buy them from the US, has called for a complete ban on nuclear arms.  This is something that I like to see, especially as they bring the motion in front of more than 120 nations who attended the Non-Aligned Nations Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran this weekend (August 26 2012).  In another case of perfect timing (Julian Assange also recently exhibited perfect timing in evading US imprisonment) Iran has now positioned itself to successfully complete the building of nuclear power stations, as well as champion the total ban on nuclear arms by 2025.  The timing is so perfect because at the moment, with US elections looming, the States are not going to risk entering another war, and Israel, the biggest pusher for military action against the Iranian nuclear power project, also cannot and will not make a move without the US taking the lead.  This leaves the rest of us a few solid months to reinforce the idea that continuous imperialistic warfare cannot be tolerated anymore.  The world is watching this time, with social media and commentators by the thousand.  If Romney or Obama want to stage a false flag then they better have Spielberg onboard, and even then they better hope it’s one of his good days, because we are harder to trick these days.  Either way, we will all be watching as weapons do what they do best, kill innocent hardworking civilians.

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Five women rape Nigerian man to death

Found a crazy story from Nigeria: Five women rape Nigerian man to death.

This guy apparently had six wives, and five of them were pissed off because he came home drunk and slept with the youngest one first.  They then decided to gang rape the poor man, the shock of which seems to have killed him.  It’s hardly the saddest way to go, but certain parts of the story are pretty sh*tty.  As they put it on, “more than 10-million girls under the age of 18 [are] married each year around the world, usually without their consent and to much older men.”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr.




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5 reasons why 9/11 was an inside job, and why that matters.

Building 7 freefall

In a couple of weeks it will have been 11 years since the tragedy, and I believe by now, most thinking people have come to understand that attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 were staged.  If you have not come to that conclusion yet, here are 5 reasons why they had to have been:

1) Steel framed structures like those at the WTC cannot be knocked over by fire.  9/11 didn’t spur a new movement in the world of architecture to build buildings that can withstand airplane collisions, and that is because they already can withstand airplane collisions.

2) The money trail always points to the man who has the most to hide.  The first person who should get interrogated over this matter in my mind is the guy who picked up the insurance cheque: Larry Silverstein, he made $4.55 billion off those buildings.  I must say, insurance companies have gotten pretty poor at spotting insurance fraud.  It is almost like they didn’t even have a builder, or an architect, or a physicist to consult.

3) Physics doesn’t lie, not on earth anyway.  Those things came down too fast.  Only controlled demolition can bring it down at free fall speed, and only controlled demolition will make it land in on itself, leaving no carcass, as it did.

4) There is video evidence of explosions going off, and of rescue workers who had been traumatized by unexpected explosions, and eyewitnesses, and in some of the closer video you can even hear the demolition sequence.


5) Building 7 also came down, without taking any damage, at free fall speeds, into it’s own footprint.

Think about this: As Merlln5by5 on YouTube put it, “What evidence is there that BinLanen and 19 Al Qaeda hi-jackers did it?

Now for why it matters.  Besides for the fact that thousands of people were murdered, and thousands more are still suffering, and the families of these victims obviously deserve a little justice, the fact is that this sort of behaviour has far deeper implications.  Now I was in early high school at the time, but it forever changed my life.  I quickly saw how the official story was full of holes, so I used the internet to fill the gaps, and from then on I knew that excelling in business meant holding cash in higher regard than human life.  The implications of this are immense, as it potentially changes the structure of society.  We are led to believe that we must work hard, prepare, be smart, and then we can compete with others at the capitalist game.  This matrix would be, and has been, acceptable to the majority of us, but then what about the guy that picked up $4.55 billion for demolishing his own buildings full of people, how does that fit in?  I’m not a killer, so how far can I really get in business?  Ironically, you would never see this sort of crime happening at a World Resource Sharing Centre.

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Lonmin Massacre

Massacre at platinum mine in South Africa

Massacre at platinum mine in South Africa leaves 34 dead.

The news has been going wild lately, but yesterday was a bad one.  I was hoping to write an article on Julian Assange and his situation in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but that story was completely eclipsed (for me) by the massacre that happened in my own country.

There seems to me to be a shocking lack of coverage on the situation within the local media, with me having to get the news from the New York Daily News website.  Today I switched on the radio for the first time in ages, but they did not mention it there.  Then I ran the treadmill at Virgin Active, thinking they would have surely switched from Sky to a local news station, but they hadn’t, and I don’t think Sky was too interested.  This was to me both weird and alarming; we are not like the US, our cops haven’t shot at innocent civilians like this since Sharpville (March 1960), which helped usher in a new national government and mindset.  The difference is that then it was white police shooting at black protesters, now we have black police killing black protesters.  I think that this might help show people that perhaps race had very little to do with it; that nervous trained policemen, policing a unruly crowd with live ammunition, may be prone to f*ck-ups.  In my mind, the cops who started both these shootings were not thinking to themselves “Yeah, white supremacy” or “Kill the miners”, but were rather thinking “Sh*t this situation is scary”.  But I’m an optimist.
What South Africans need to understand is that their rage is correct, but they have the bogeyman all wrong.  These miners have called for this police attention by way of inter-union violence.  They dance and shout, and spit and fight between each other, turning their aggression on the police when they get in the way, but ignore the real villain.  They are angry at the unions, they are angry at the government, angry with the police, but what about the owners?  Now we have a bunch of SA police, killing a bunch of SA miners, who are fighting with each other (and killing) over compensation and union issues, while the platinum mine’s directors sit at home in the UK.

For any South Africans looking for a solution, here it is for you: Nationalize the damn precious stones and metals.  South African platinum, mined by South African labourers, should be filling government coffers to be used for public projects, and not profiting some British corporation.  Lonmin (the name of the corporation that operates the mine), can get together with the Openheimers, the De Beers, the Rhodes, the Kissingers, and any other family who plays Monopoly for a living, and they can all get f*cked.  Ask yourself why, if SA provides over 80% of the worlds platinum, we still have to fight over increasing salaries for workers.  The people who go into the earth to harvest her bounties, should benefit in some way from the profits generated – not just given enough to live on like a slave.  Let it never  again be whispered in some dark British pub, that South Africa is a place to go to exploit the working class and rape the environment; take back what is rightfully ours.  Corporations can be reimbursed however much the morals and ethics seen in their actions are deemed worth. If you do this you will soon see all other exploiters run and hide, and the corrupt politicians would be wise to join them.

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