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As anyone following this blog would know, I am a rather big fan of Russia Today.  Essentially I am suspicious of the news, unless I hear it via RT.  Turning to their site today, i was shocked to find my marginalized little country rocking their top stories. A South African politician (Humphrey Mmemezi – the minister of  housing in Gauteng) apparently bought a ten grand painting (from a buddy of his, I bet) with state funds.  Trying to do it all undercover, but failing hard SA-style, he got another buddy, the operator of a McD’s, to charge his government-issued credit card for the total – 256 BigMac MacMeals worth – who must have then paid the artist…  Shame, I almost feel sorry for the guy;  Trying so hard, at such a minor con.  If you compare this little spot of corruption, to say ‘the arms deal’, you’ll see that this guy is small fry.  I mean: buying the state a painting it didn’t need (maybe he thought he’d keep it, but it is their’s now) with the state’s money, is nothing compared to buying us a pack of choppers and a sub that we’ll never use (and most likely can’t).



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